How to Make Yogurt at Home

The best recipe for homemade yogurt is a simple combination of temperature and time. Follow our 4 step method to make perfect DIY yogurt from scratch.

The Right Temperatures for Making Yogurt

Learn the right yogurt making temperature range for perfect homemade yogurt. Do you need to use a yogurt thermometer? What is the best temperature for a yogurt maker?  

How to make Greek Yogurt and the Best Ever Pastry Recipe

We all love Greek Yogurt, but what is in the store-bought stuff? Heather takes you through how ridiculously easy it is to make your own thick creamy yogurt at home and then passes on a recipe for making pastry from it.

Yogurt Bread (no yeast required)

No yeast required for this fluffy delicious bread made with yogurt as the main raising agent.  Make ahead and keep it in the fridge.  Flatten small balls into easy flat breads to cook as needed.
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