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Perfect Weights

These glass weights are perfect for my fermenting projects: easy to insert and remove and easy to clean. I currently have one in my pickle jar and it's heavy enough to keep all the pickles under the brine. I love these weights!

Organic cheese cloth

I received my order very quickly. High quality. Love it. Thank you Trading Company.

Stepped up customer services

We received the gnocchi boards in great condition. We did have a few issues with their website initially. But once customer service found out that we have not received the boards yet they turned it around and expressed delivered them to us at their cost.

Great product

Easy way to save seeds for next year and pass them on - professional looking, keeps everything tidy. Love them!

so easy!

I love the peace of mind this kit gives me. The mini sized recipe book has very clear instructions, and the ph test strips make it easy to know if I'm on the right track. I like how I can use different size jars to experiment with while I'm learning. I had been considering buying a sauerkraut fementing crock, but this kit is more versatile for starting out. So easy and so delicious!

Very Clever!

Love my gardening moon calendar, however would it be possible to print it on thicker paper or perhaps plasticise/laminate the calendar? The calendar I received is basically on paper similar to normal photocopy paper. I'm afraid with even normal use, it will fray/tear and or perhaps fade. I am thinking of ordering more to use as gifts. Thanks!

Good quality product

Very good quality product

Couldn't do it without this

I don't think I could reliably guess the required temps to make yoghurt without this, very helpful and seems accurate.

Yogurt making

Bought the yogurt setup - so awesome!!! Made amazing yogurt the first time, easy and yum and nothing like esiyo

Ravioli cutter

Pleased with this. Arrived in a couple of days and just like it says on the box. Reasonably priced.

Really compact

The whole unit doesn't take up much room in the kitchen, but yet makes perfect yoghurt every time

sprouting lids

great service from country trading as always

Dial Dairy Thermometer
martine maoate
Dairy Thermometer

Dairy Thermometer; works like a dream for the herbal balms i am making as the oil
cant go over 60degrees, and you know you cant stick your finger to test the temp, so works brilliantly!

Quart Glass Mason Jar
Penny Martens
Perfect Yogurt Jar

This is the perfect jar for yogurt. The wide mouth is so convenient for getting the yogurt out. It is also slightly shorter than normal jars, which also means it fits better in my refrigerator. Great quality jar as well.


Love this yogurt maker. So easy to use, easy to clean and not plastic. The jars are great and I can even use my Agee jars. Highly recommend.

Airlock system

Excellent product. Fast and friendly service. Definitely will buy again. Good value!! AAA++++

Novice yoghurter

ordered thermometer, book, probiotic and jar - great delivery time and into it. First yoghurt with raw milk was a huge success! Many more to follow.

It even works for making L. Reuteri yoghurt!

I had read the great reviews but was still a bit sceptical. I can now say that this really is a great product. Beautiful design, easy to use and amazingly tasty thick yoghurt. What is even more amazing is that my first trial of making the very tricky L. Reuteri yoghurt (google it) worked perfectly. This super-food yoghurt takes over 24 hours to culture. So all I did was pour some warm water around the jar over night to keep the temperature up long enough. It worked!

Great service. Quick response. A good place to buy interesting things.

Great lids

Great to use on mason jars for storing pickles and fermented items as they are stainless steel and do not corrode.

Quart Glass Mason Jar
Cushla Rynott

We used to use plastic jars but found that that they did not keep the thick texture now with the glass jar our yogurt is thick every time. We love the combination of the glass jars and stainless Yogurt maker for perfect yogurt every time.

Non-Electric Yogurt Maker and Recipe Book
Desmond & Deborah Sullivan
Give it a won't be disappointed

We made our first batch of thick and creamy yoghurt using this yoghurt maker yesterday and enjoyed the yoghurt for breakfast this morning...delicious! We followed the recipe in the included booklet and also followed the helpful hints in the Country Trading Co's 'How to make Butter and Yoghurt' book. Sooo simple, sooo easy.

This product is well made and won't be look out of place on any kitchen bench. Most importantly it works exactly as advertised.

Hassle Free Purchase

No problems with order and delivery,

recommend this supplier👍🏽

Fermentation Starter Kit
Alexandra Denton

Love the silicon ferment lids and glass weights perfect for my ferments, much easier and nicer than my normal plastic bag filled with water for a weight.

Happy customer

This is a sturdy and well-made product. It sits nicely in the jar and is a useful size to hold a good quantity of herbs and/or fruit. I've made several delicious batches of infused water already. Feijoa and mint is very nice, as is cucumber. More experimenting to come! Thanks, Country Trading :)

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