How to Make Yogurt

How to Make Yogurt at Home

Learn how to make yogurt with our tried and tested homemade yogurt recipe & yogurt making tips.

1. Heat Milk

Heat your choice of dairy or plant-milk to 194°F (90°C) in a pan or microwave.

Do this simple first step for a much thicker yogurt.

temperature for making yogurt

This binds the proteins in dairy milk, and activates any thickeners used with dairy-free yogurt starters.

2. Cool Milk + Add Starter

Cool the pan of milk for 5 minutes to 113°F (45°C) in a sink of cold water. 

recipe for homemade yogurt

Stir in the yogurt starter culture. Don't use probiotic pills. Use a proper yogurt starter culture with the right bacterial strains to make great yogurt.

If you're making coconut yogurt, choose a dairy free yogurt starter culture. 

If  you leave it too long and it falls below the 113°F (45°C) temperature, use a thermometer to heat the milk up. 

3. Yogurt Maker + Time

Add your milk and yogurt starter culture to a yogurt maker. Culture for 8 hours in a temperature range of 97°F - 113°F (36°C - 45°C).

90% of yogurt fails are caused by cold temperatures.time to set yogurt in yogurt maker

If you want to make yogurt without a yogurt maker you need to find a place to keep your jar of milk and starter culture at this temperature for 8 hours.

Don't try and culture yogurt at room temperature and avoid poor quality yogurt makers that don't hold heat. 

4. Chill Before Eating

Remove yogurt from the maker and refrigerate until well chilled before eating. Yogurt will set and thicken up further on chilling.

yogurt making supplies

Always add flavors after making. Strain through cheesecloth to make thick Greek Yogurt. 

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