soap shaker for kitchen dish soap
soap shaker for kitchen dish soap
self draining soap dish for kitchen
wire soap shaker for dish soap bars
eco dish soap bars for kitchen
low tox life zero waste dish soap

Stainless Steel Soap Shaker & Saver


Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and plastic bottles. Wash up the old-fashioned way with this reusable and rust-proof soap shaker.

Our unique upright design:

  • takes up less space on your counter
  • drains freely, avoiding mushy soap mess
  • saves money, making your dish wash bar go further

Gentle on your skin and the environment, we guarantee you'll love using it with your favorite biodegradable, natural soaps.


High-Grade Stainless Steel

Made from quality stainless steel, this cage will never rust or corrode.

Plastic Free Product

The ideal addition to sustainable kitchens with no plastic in the product or packaging.

soap cage for dishwashing bar soap

Eliminate Liquid soap

Dish soap contains harsh chemicals and contributes to harmful plastic consumption. 

Multipurpose Function

Perfect for handwashing delicates and filling bubble baths.

Commit To Healthy Habits

Watch how your switch from liquid detergent to bar dish soap can have an immediate impact on the world.

dish soap wire soap shaker
eco friendly dish soap

Every Little Bit Counts

By switching to bar dish soap, you're making a HUGE positive impact on the environment. Thanks for being the change you wish to see in the World.

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