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Food Thermometer with Protective Tube - No Batteries

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The Secret to Perfect Cheese and Yogurt

When making cheese and yogurt, temperature control is crucial.

That's why our milk thermometer has been calibrated for accuracy to deliver precise readings fast.

It features a 5" long stainless steel shaft, a large 1.37" dial for easy reading, and a temperature range of 32° - 210°F. 

Use it when crafting other kitchen creations, like preserved fruits and veggies, herbal oils, and balms.

Never poke or prod your hand when reaching into your kitchen drawer again. Easily store your dairy thermometer in its sturdy and stylish protective case after each use.

Why we made this

We designed this dairy thermometer because it's impossible to make yogurt and cheese without it.

Compact and efficient, with no batteries, it reads easily and can be cleaned and stored away in its reusable packaging. 

We thought you'd appreciate that it's recyclable and reusable. Mother Nature definitely does. 

Product Specifications
  • 1x Dial thermometer ( 5" long stainless steel shaft & 1.37" dial)
  • Temperature range of 32°-210°F
  • Shaft made from high-quality s340 Stainless Steel
    Care instructions
    • Clean probe with warm soapy water, rinse, and dry before storage
    • Do NOT clean in dishwasher or immerse dial in water
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