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Glass Fermenting Weights for Vegetable Pickles - Set of 4

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Don't wait to try these weights.

If you're a seasoned fermenter, you know the importance of keeping your ferment under the brine.

That's why we designed this set of elegant glass weights specifically for mason jars. Not only are they easy to grip, but they're effortless to use.

After you've filled your mason jar with veggies, place a weight over your follower (we recommend using a cabbage or grape leaf) and fit a fermenting lid.

Each weight features a small handle that allows you to place and remove them from mason jars effortlessly. They're heavy enough to keep down the most vigorous ferments and super simple to clean.

Give this set of four as a gift or keep them for yourself. Either way, they'll last you a lifetime of fermenting. 

Why we made this

When we first started fermenting, we used river rocks as weights, but they're difficult to sterilize and impossible to grip. That's why we designed these clever glass weights.

The handle is perfect for all finger types and prevents grubby microbes that may be on your fingers from entering your ferments. Use them once and you'll be hooked.
Product Specifications
  • 4 weights per pack
  • each weight weighs 200g (7oz)
  • diameter 66mm (2.6")
  • total depth including handle 32mm (1.3")
  • depth of glass base 20mm (0.8")
  • plastic-free packaging
  • tested for lead and cadmium
  • dishwasher safe
Care Instructions
  • Wash in hot, soapy water and rinse
  • Sterilize before use
Learn More

If you're new to fermenting, you're in the right place. We can provide you will all the fermenting supplies you need including glass mason jars, fermenting lids, a sauerkraut pounder, and cheesecloth. Or check out our Fermentation Starter Kit, which includes most essentials.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Fred Sautter
Good product mostly

I like them they work great but the one issue I had was when I tried to sterilize 2 of them in boiling water: one broke but the other did not. So I'm not sure if you're not supposed to sterilize them that way and I just got lucky with the one that didn't break or if the one that broke had a defect. Just be mindful of that if you buy these.

Connie Downer
Good product , good value

These are so nice. Thick and heavy so they do their job quite nicely. The handle makes them convenient as well.

Linda Powers
Very fast delivery.

I was looking for a shipping ir tracking number. Next thing I know. I get an email that says it was delivered.

Mytra ramstorf

I like bought these as a present for my husband and he loves these, he said that they definitely make his fermenting process much easier, like OMG my husband is really picky with receiving his gifts so I was so surprised when he went absolutely wild for these glass weights. Also the craftsmanship is amazing I had been reading reviews from another site that had the same kind of product, but there were a bunch of disatisfied reviews talking about cracks and chips and things like that. I'm so happy I chose CountryTradingCo for my fermenting tools.

Thank you so much Mytra for sharing your feedback. I'm so glad they made the perfect gift for your husband. I hope they make many jars of delicious fermented vegetables for you both to enjoy. Heather.

Eva Schneider
Perfect Pickling Weights

The weight of these is sufficient to keep the veggies below the brine surface in wide mouth Mason jars. The raised handle makes it easy to retrieve the weights; the glass is smooth and easy to clean. If I need more in the future, I will purchase from Country Trading Co. The notifications of shipping and speedy delivery were much appreciated.

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