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Handcrafted Cheese and Tofu Press

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No Pain, Just Drain.

This wooden food press is perfect for making cheese and removing excess moisture from store-bought dairy products.

It's perfect for making feta, halloumi, and paneer, as well as pressing tofu, tempeh, and vegan cheeses.

Made from solid timber, this drain box is durable and hassle-free. Easily fit up to 7 blocks of your favorite store-bought tofu or 4 quarts of unpressed curds.

It's also the ultimate musubi maker and sushi cake container! Explore the versatility of this tofu press for yourself; you won't be disappointed.


Why we made this

No pain, just drain! When we were unable to find a decent cheese press that could stand up to regular use, we designed a sturdy feta frame to make Feta Cheese and squeaky halloumi.

wooden tofu press

Nearly a decade later, the design of this press has evolved, but the function remains the same. Whether you're making non-dairy cheese, extra firm tofu, or a spam musubi, you'll find more than one reason to love this frame. 

How To Use
  1. Sit on a draining tray
  2. Line with cheesecloth
  3. Fill with curds
  4. Press with up to 11 lbs. of added weight
    Product Specifications
    • 1x Gourmet Wooden Food Press (L 11" x W 7.25" x H 2.5")
    • Holds 4 quarts of unpressed curds (yields approx. 1.5 lb. block)
    • Constant pressure with no screws to adjust
    • Easy to clean and sterilize
    • Plastic-free packaging
      Care instructions
      • Sterilize before use with boiling water
      • After use, wash in hot soapy water, rinse well and dry completely before storage.
      Learn more

      If you're new to cheesemaking, we're here to help. You'll find useful tools on our website, including a dairy thermometer and our American cotton ultra-fine cheesecloth to drain finer cheese curds.

      Already a pro cheesemaker? Diversify your repertoire with other moulds, such as our blue cheese and Italian soft cheese molds, or try your hand at ravioli.

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