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Recipe Book: How to Make Blue Cheese

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Crafting blue cheese is the pinnacle of most home cheesemakers' aspirations. 

Our recipe book uncovers all of the secrets and tips for making and maturing great blue cheeses in your home kitchen. Learn to make:

  • Creamy rich soft blue cheeses in the Danish-style
  • Firm, buttery-flavored Stilton-style blue cheeses
  • Velvety Gorgonzola-style blue cheese

We’ve also included information on the molds, cultures, and equipment needed to get started. Learn the history of blue cheese together with the methods and recipes that we've perfected over the years. 

Why We Made This

Creating blue cheese is an art form. And after years of trial and error, we wanted to share our knowledge and experience with our Country Trading Co. community. So while designing the best BPA-Free Blue Cheese molds, we wrote this book. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Product Specifications

Format: Soft Cover | 81 pages

ISBN: 9780992264710
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This little book makes a perfect gift when bundled with our Blue Cheese Moulds, dairy thermometer, and ultra-fine American cotton cheesecloth.


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